Flyinghand Percussion


FlyingHand Percussion is a dedicated Hand-Percussion sample library.
It represents an authentic and evocative ensemble utilizing a great number of articulations, true replication of the drums’ behavior at various playing techniques, and authentic nuances from each instrument. Whether you are composing or playing live, the outcome is great responsiveness, authentic character, and complete genre freedom no matter the type of music you play or write.

Percussion instruments in general, and hand Percussion in particular, offer so much more diversity beyond the stock idiomatic articulations. Especially when expanding traditional articulations with extended and unique playing methods. In doing so, each instrument becomes a world of sound, giving you an opportunity for expressive thematic writing.

The all-new Version 1.5 offers a completely redesigned user interface with total control over microphone positions including sample unload to save memory. The library was re-programmed with numerous enhancements and new features:

  • Brand new Interface featuring a detailed visual display of articulations, playing zones, mixer and more.
  • Better handling of round robin alternates.
  • A single patch design with all microphone positions including
    samples load/unload.
  • Brand new Legato Drumming™ engine, which includes auto nuance
    and gesture control including dynamic muting.
  • Patches load much faster.
  • Compatible with Kontakt 4 and above (full retail version required).
  • Downloadable and watermarked.

With FlyingHand Percussion, all instruments sound and respond as if playing a real one. Most importantly, each drum fulfills its true musical potential with a multitude of extended articulation techniques using unconventional playing styles.


Anklungs – Asian Bamboo rattlers (4 sizes).
Ashiko – 14″ Maple Ashiko Drum.
Gran Casa – An Orchestral Bass Drum, suspended and played with hands.
Bells – A variety of Bell-like instruments.
Bongo Cajon – Bongo Cajon with Mahogany heads.
Boomwhackers ® – ‘D’ and ‘G’ Boomwhackers.
Claves – The earthy ‘Piru’ claves.
Clay Drum – Custom made Clay Drum resembling an Udu.
Congas – A hi-end set of Congas.
Cowbell – 3 different types of cowbells.
Djembe – 16” Djembe.
Frame Drums – 16” and 22” Frame Drums.
Kanjira – Indian Kanjira Hand Drum.
Timbales – 14” and 16” hi-end Timbales.
Triangles – Orchestra Brass Triangle and the one-of-a-kind Trine Instrument.
Naal – Custom made Indian Naal Drum. Its tone resembles a Tabla.
Plastic Bottle – 5 Gallon Plastic jug.
Shakers – Assorted Shakers including Plastic, Wood, and Bamboo.
Morphosis – Electro Acoustic Drums synthesized from real objects’ resonances.
Mutants – Cinemtaic Sound fx, re-pitched instruments and Virtual ensembles.

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  • $179
  • Sample Library for Kontakt. Requires a full version of Kontakt 4 and above.
  • Winner 2008 Electronic Musician “Editors Choice Award” – Best Sound Library.
  • 40,000 individual samples, plenty of velocity layers, 4x Round robin.
  • Up to 3 mic positions.
  • Over 50dB of dynamic range.
  • Totally noiseless with no artifacts!
  • Meticulous collection of articulations / extended techniques / Left-Right hand samples / multiple playing zones, and combination strokes.
  • Legato Drumming™ – realtime replication of live performance and instrument control.
  • Innovative, consistent, and logical mapping.
  • Optimized for studio production and LIVE triggering.
  • ‘Morphosis’ Electro Acoustic Percussion.
  • Cinematic sfx and virtual Ensembles.
  • Custom Reverb impulses.






In order to effectively capture each instrument with maximum impact, several production practices were employed to gain the large dynamic range necessary for such contrast between intimate and powerful tone qualities.
The recording spaces were modified to be as transparent as possible to enhance the raw sound of the instrument and leave it unaffected by its surrounding acoustics. The instruments were recorded using multiple microphones. The result ensures total control in your compositions and later in the mix. To achieve authentic performance playback, each instrument is employed with our unique Legato Drumming™ concept, which automatically works in realtime.

Legato Drumming™ maximizes the correct feel and response from the instrument by replicating resonances, noises, motion and certain ‘delicate dirtiness’ that happen when playing a real hand drum.
Two main sonic elements are taken into account:
First, the instrument is dynamically affected by how it is played and its resonance never remains static.
Second, when playing live, some inevitable ‘inconsistencies’ happen. These ‘inconsistencies’ are the sounds produced when the player hits the ‘wrong’ spots, or rub the skin and slide when moving from one drum zone to another when playing different articulations. These extra sonic elements, although sometimes unintentional, are very musical and add depth and authenticity to a performance. The Legato Drumming™ concept implements these performance occurrences by controlling the resonance of the instrument and unleashing appropriate ‘Legato’ sounds automatically in realtime as necessary. Legato Drumming™ dynamically responds to loudness and speed of rhythm ensuring maximum realism at any playing scenario.


  • Multiple instrument zones such as Center, Edge etc.
  • Abundance of strokes such as Palm hits, fingers, slaps.
  • Traditional Indian playing styles including combination strokes.
  • Entirely separate Left and Right hand samples mapped symmetrically.


  • Legato Drumming™
    • Real time gestural hand sounds when moving between drum zones.
    • Sustain and resonance control when playing muted articulations.
    • Temporary dynamic mutes when playing polyphonically.
  • Extended articulation techniques
    • Left/Right hand unique samples.
    • Multiple drum zones such as: Center, Edge etc.
    • Variety of hits using Palms, fists, fingers,
      and combination strokes.
  • Custom Reverb Impulses
  • Microphone mixing
  • Bonus electro-acoustic Drum patches and sfx


  • PC/Mac Sample Library for Kontakt (version 4 and above) Software sampler.
  • Full Retail version of Kontakt 4 is required.
  • 24 bit / 44.1Khz.
  • Ability to download content – 10GB.
  • Product uses a cloud/server system to manage and watermark downloads.

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